Designed using the Crafted Futurism design language, the stylish new Suzuki Fronx is arriving in South Africa very soon. Built with safety and performance in mind, this vehicle is already making massive waves within the local motoring community. Let’s discuss the Suzuki Fronx and learn why this may be the perfect SUV for you.

The first thing you may notice with the Suzuki Fronx is its prominent front grille. This attractive visage is accompanied by LED headlights and fog lights. Overall, the look of this vehicle conveys a strong urban personality. This premium design continues once you step inside as the Fronx features gorgeous gloss metal highlights and a high-definition touch screen. A luxurious adventure awaits anyone that sits behind the wheel of the new Suzuki Fronx.

With more news coming soon (including the powertrain options for this model), the Suzuki Fronx is destined to become a prominent player within the South African motoring landscape. The Suzuki brand continues to be a powerhouse. In February, the company stood firm as the third top-selling new vehicle brand. With the Fronx added to the mix, there is no doubt that even more success is on the horizon.

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