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5.9 l/100km
Average Fuel Consumption
30 litres
Fuel tank
100 000/36
Warranty km/months

Gets Work Done!

Since 1961 the Super Carry has been getting the job done. Now in its 11th generation, it’s as dependable as ever. Whatever you need delivered, the Super Carry is designed to take on. Anywhere, any time: the reliability, cost-effectiveness, strength, and no-frills functionality of the Super Carry make it a business partner that works as hard as you do.

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The Power Of Convenience

While the design of the Super Carry is simple and straightforward, the cabin has what it takes to carry the load.
With a functional dashboard and 7-position drivers-seat slide, the interior of the Super Carry gives you all the movement you need, with none of the fuss.

Ease Of Use

Ease of use is a big part of the Super Carry’s appeal. With a 4.3m turning radius and ground clearance of 175mm, the width of the Super Carry is easy to manoeuvre in any situation.


The Super Carry has been designed with your business needs in mind. Its strong, built-to-last petrol-driven power, 750kg load-capacity, and load box that is the widest in its class are all implemented with a no-nonsense approach to your business.


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Service / Maintenance / Warranty
Service interval 15 000 km
Warranty and Service Plan 3 YEAR/100000KM WARRANTY, 6 YEAR ANTI-CORROSION
Active and Passive Safety
Engine size 1196cc
CO2 0g/Km
Power 54kW@6000
Torque 101Nm@3000
Fuel capacity 30 litres
Average fuel consumption 5.9 l/Km
Top speed 0Km/h
0 - 100 Km/h 0sec
Driving and Control Environment
Gearbox MANUAL
Gears 5
Drive 2
Seats 2 - accessibility accessibility
Spare tire size FULLSIZE
Interior Comfort
Radio NA
Remote side mirrors YES
Colour coded bumpers BLACK-GREY
Colour coded mirrors BLACK

Available Colours

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