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The Best Articles on Fuel Consumption and Efficiency that We Know You’ll Love.
Bassonia Webmaster         Source: Suzuki Auto
The best advice and information on fuel efficiency and consumption.

Don’t get confused with all the fuel content circulating around with the petrol price continuously fluctuating. Here’s one article that combines all the very best advice and information on fuel efficiency and consumption.

Calculating your car’s fuel consumption should be a breeze.

With fuel prices constantly fluctuating, there’s plenty of content to read on fuel consumption and efficiency. We wanted to save you the trouble of getting overwhelmed with all this information by giving you our top ten articles on fuel efficiency and consumption.

Cars.co.za gives a comprehensive list of the most fuel-efficient, budget-friendly (asking price under R300 000) cars currently available in South Africa. This list has a car for everyone so we recommend you check it out..

It’s important to note, like cars.co.za says, that the claimed manufacturer fuel consumption figures used in the article will differ from real-world consumption figures due to factors such as differing driving styles and road conditions.

Understanding fuel prices in our country and across the globe is easy with our article. The petrol price in South Africa is made up of a number of factors that you can see below in our handy chart. We also take a look at what other countries across the globe pay for fuel from the most expensive being Zimbabwe at R47.15 and the USA at R10. 78 (as of 27/03/2019).

Calculating your car’s fuel consumption is a breeze with this handy article from the Automobile Association of South Africa (AA) or you can use our online calculator for an instant answer. It can’t be emphasised enough that the way you drive, and other factors like irregular servicing and air conditioning, play a big role in your car’s fuel consumption.

Speaking about the way you drive, we have two helpful articles on the Suzuki blog to help you save fuel in a manual or automatic car. Saving fuel in a manual car isn’t as difficult as you think with easy tips such as turning off the air-conditioning and removing unnecessary weight such as a roof rack making a difference to fuel consumption. The same can be said for saving fuel in an automatic car with tips like not keeping your foot on the brake and keeping your tyres properly inflated sure to save you money on fuel.

We couldn’t be more proud of our trendy Suzuki Swift making the number two spot on the Business Insider’s article on how far R100 in petrol will get you in some of SA’s most popular cars. A R100 of petrol can get you further than 100km in the Swift, making it a great first car to buy.

It’s always exciting to hear of a South African being at the forefront of new technological innovations and that’s exactly what Nqobile Vundla did as the founder of Bunkr - a mobile payment solution that aims to help South Africans save money on fuel. Bizcommunity did a great interview with Nqobile whose app helps South Africans save money and protect their budget by buying fuel in advance of fuel price hikes.

Diesel cars remain popular in South Africa and this insightful list from Bizcommunity on the most fuel-efficient diesel cars in the country will help you make the most economical choice on your next diesel car. You may be wondering if diesel is more fuel- efficient than petrol. Although diesel cars are notably more fuel-efficient than petrol cars, this article from Wheels24 gives you seven other critical factors to consider when choosing between diesel and petrol. All of these articles will help you, in one way or another, to run your car more efficiently and understand fuel consumption better. Ensuring your car is fuel efficient depends on how well you look after your car. Find out here how to extend the lifespan of your car in this eBook..
One of the most fuel-efficient, budget-friendly cars.

Suzuki Fuel Effeciency Tips

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