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MasterDrive welcomes level one
Bassonia Webmaster         Source: Motorpress / MasterDrive South Africa
Nervous driver

As from Monday, South African will start level one lockdown restrictions: most South Africans will return to work, borders, by air or car, will open and increased numbers are permitted at gatherings.

Mask in car

The managing director of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, says drivers will again need to give drivers that were not driving much, some allowance. “The new influx of drivers returning to the roads will not have the driving confidence that they did when lockdown began. Should you come across more drivers like this on Monday, be considerate of this and give them some extra slack.

“This is also important to avoid road rage in a driving environment where some drivers are more likely to make mistakes while others are dealing with additional stress and challenges during this time. This is particularly true of drivers who already had time, on quieter roads, to regain their confidence.”

Business will continue as usual for MasterDrive. “We have already been operating within the confines of higher lockdown levels. As such the company will continue to apply the safety measures already adopted during those levels as we embrace level one.

“A change that we look forward to is the opportunity to resume providing training to our clients residing in neighbouring countries. Moving between countries by vehicle also allows trainers to continue prioritising their sanitising procedures.”

As the regular way of life resumes, notwithstanding a potential second wave, MasterDrive anticipates a return to normal. “As we teeter on the verge of a Second Decade of Action for Road Safety with the UN, we can re-emphasise road safety. Companies will again have greater capacity to send drivers for training as there will be less strain on smaller workforces to deliver on normal operational demands.

“Even though MasterDrive saw growth during the various lockdown levels due to its eLearning and virtual training options, we value a gradual return to normalcy. These training options, however, will continue providing companies that are still working remotely for the remainder of the year with a chance to complete training. Companies governed by international parent companies with firm road safety policies, will find this particularly useful as our training takes cognisance of international standards.”

Unfortunately, the future still has a great deal of uncertainty. “For now, however, we can make use of the opportunities that level one provides. MasterDrive looks forward to travelling this road with you,” says Herbert.
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