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Level Three Compliant?
Bassonia Webmaster         Source: Motorpress / MasterDrive South Africa
Keep Your Distance.

With the prospect of going to level three lockdown restrictions looming, more businesses will begin operations.

Level three compliant

Yet, returning to business during level three is vastly different to business before. To ensure, however, that they do their part in flattening the curve and to prevent being closed down, there are a vast number of things that every business needs to do in order to open before on 1 June.

Consequently, MasterDrive implemented a compliance toolkit for businesses in the transportation industry to help meet regulations quickly and effectively. "The new demands placed on businesses should not be underestimated. Every requirement from screening every person passing through your doors to training employees on the risks of COVID-19 is important to stay open. The compliance kit gives you access to documents and guidance on the full process required to comply.

"MasterDrive followed a similar process when it began operations and understands the difficulty this creates if you have already been closed for an extended period. We implemented the fully compliant COVID-19 compliance readiness tool kit with a view to support other businesses reopening during level three. It is vital every company has a compliance process in place with the necessary occupational health and safety provisions to enable a safe return to work."

Businesses with fleets have even more to consider than just the basics. “The compliance readiness tool kit incorporates both the basics as well as fleet preparedness tools.
MasterDrive has made these documents available to provide a level of guidance in the absence of their own processes or plans. Those who do have a plan in place, can use it as an additional reference to ensure all important risk factors and control measures are considered."

The majority of businesses are expected to resume work this week. "This is not as simple as opening your doors and welcoming customers. A long list of procedures must be followed before you can legally open and meet the demands of officials checking compliance. We encourage all businesses to use the COVID-19 toolkit and open your doors with confidence and certainty that you have done everything possible to not contribute to the uncontrollable spread of COVID-19," says Herbert.
The majority of businesses are expected to resume work this week

This is not as simple as opening your doors and welcoming customers.

Lockdown COVID-19 Safety

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