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How to build your driving confidence: Getting the basics right
Bassonia Webmaster         Source: Suzuki Auto
How to build your driving confidence: Getting the basics right

Driving may be one of the most intimidating skills a person needs to learn and it is tougher for some than others

Learning to drive is an exciting, yet sometimes scary, skill to learn which takes some time no matter who you are. Gaining the confidence to get behind the wheel and being in control of a car can be a challenge. We spoke to FILMGRO Driving Academy’s driving instructor, Sibo Xhakhane, their training manager, Karabo Malefo, and their CEO, Seton Bailey for their advice on how to build driving confidence.

Before getting behind the wheel

Driving on a public road with many other vehicles and pedestrians who don’t always follow the rules can make someone nervous to get behind the wheel. Added to this, having to do a number of things simultaneously such as clutch control to stop the car from rolling back, indicating, managing the handbrake, changing gears, and the fear of getting in an accident makes it understandable why many people have little to no driving confidence.

If your driving confidence is low, get to know the car before you get behind the wheel. You need to have a broad understanding of “car control”. This means knowing what the car you are going to be driving is capable of in terms of raw thrust, power, and braking. There are internal and external car controls you need to understand before getting into the driver’s seat like pedals, levers, being aware of pedestrians, road signs etc. Parking is one of the first things you’ll learn. You can learn more here on parking like a pro using mirrors and handling your clutch control.

Getting your licence in a manual vs. an auto car

Getting your driver’s licence in a manual car is better if you are unsure what kind of car you will need to buy/can afford. There are different skills needed to drive a manual car compared to an automatic car. Learning to coordinate the clutch, gears, and accelerator in a manual car is what many people struggle with - but do get the hang of over time. The advice from our experts is to be patient with yourself. You don’t want to find yourself having to drive a manual car because of certain circumstances and you did your driving lessons and licence in an automatic car.

Getting the hang of clutch control isn’t something that should hamper your driving confidence. The instructor will always use the handbrake to assist with balancing the car. Listen to the instructor to balance the pressure on the foot brake, ease the clutch, and accelerate proportionally and appropriately. Once you have that under control, the instructor will release the handbrake.

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