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Define your destination.
Bassonia Webmaster         Source: Global Suzuki
Dashboard design Flowing lines, a new steering wheel design and high-quality materials in every detail: Entering the SX4 S-CROSS means being drawn into a feeling of dynamic movement.

An appearance that breathes the thirst for adventure: The SX4 S-cross looks as courageous and confident as it is.

Smartphone Connectivity

The Smartphone Linkage Display Audio works with Apple CarPlay and MirrorLink.
By connecting your compatible iPhone via USB, Apple CarPlay allows you to access your music, get directions,
make phone calls, send and receive messages, all by voice command or a tap on the audio display.
Likewise, MirrorLink allows access to various smartphone applications on the 7-inch touchscreen display.

Design as a statement

Discover a design that defines a full-grown crossover. With a new robust front, bold SUV-styling and great inner values. A true-born explorer. Full of dynamism and strength.

Define your destination.

Let your impulses run free – with a real anywhere-anytime adventurer:The new SX4 S-cross is all about greater prospects on four wheels.Offering all-terrain driving pleasure, next-generation performance and a novel design that looks as bold as a crossover can be.
Wherever your imagination carries you, with the new SX4 S-cross every choice is perfect. Define your destination.

Allgrip 4-wheel drive

In its history, Suzuki has evolved its 4-wheel drive technologies to achieve stability in diverse road and weather conditions. allgirp select, working together with other chassis technologies, keeps you in control at all times - and delivering great driving pleasure at the same time.
The new SX4 S-cross every choice is perfect. Define your destination.

Generous luggage room

All the space you need to make your big plans reality:
Whether it's a sports event, a family reunion or a full-blown outdoor vacation, the SX4 S-CROSS’ smart utility space has enough room to accommodate any and all of your adventures.

Suzuki SX4 S-cross

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