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DIY Ceramic Paint Protection With Detail Ease
CSP Webmaster         Source: Motorpress / Roadworx Communications
Detail Ease

The problem with this method is that improper washing from various car wash facilities, parking lot dings, road rash along with the often harsh South African elements leave your paint, trim and rubber seals looking decidedly second hand and in need of some TLC.

DIY Ceramic Paint Protection With Detail Ease

In recent years, the idea of ceramic coating one's car has risen to prominence as a method of preserving paint and maintaining a year-round shine while simultaneously protecting your paint from potential damage. The team at Detail Ease has a revolutionary product that allows you to ceramic coat your car all by yourself, providing self-satisfaction and protection for your pride and joy at the same time.

Understanding automotive paint

That painted finish on your vehicle is far more complex than you might imagine. In preparation for the paint to be applied, the bare sheet metal of your vehicle is prepared by using a primer, which includes rust inhibitors and also fills in any imperfections on the metal surface, making it ready for paint. After this, the basecoat, which is the pigment-based colour of the car, is applied in stages which often exceed three coats, each of which must first dry before the next is applied. The base coat is usually one of four types, a flat, a metallic, a pearlescent or a matte pigment.

The final piece of the car colour puzzle is the application of the clear coat, which enables the car to withstand UV light, therefore protecting the colour below while also providing the glossy finish associated with many paint finishes. With this in mind, we can see that automotive paint is complex, and certainly something worth maintaining to ensure its longevity.

A vehicle's paint is under a constant threat from mud, dust, dirty water, brake dust, stones and many other contaminants which, over time, can damage the clearcoat, leaving the pigment-based colour below susceptible to damage. Many people attempt to keep their vehicles clean by regular washing, which as admirable as this may sound, could be exacerbating the problem.

Polishing your paint may leave a shiny finish; however, it still leaves it exposed to the elements and contaminants. This is where a ceramic coating comes in; by coating your vehicle’s body with an additional layer of protection, the clear coat and paint beneath remain intact and protected.

What is Ceramic Nano Guard?

Detail Ease provides a 3-in-1 ceramic nano-coating that comprises of a waterless wash, shine and protection trifecta. Ceramic Nano Guard provides a deep, long-lasting shine, rejuvenating the appearance of your vehicle while protecting it at the same time. With Sio2 technology, a protective layer is created over your paintwork, ensuring a brilliant shine and hydrophobic qualities that last up to 3 months. The beauty of this product is that it is easily applied using one of the two microfibre cloths that can be purchased with each bottle of Ceramic Nano Guard.

The 4 step application process has been designed to make your life easy. Simply apply our scientifically formulated solution generously to one microfibre cloth and onto a 1m x 1m surface. Follow this by gently wiping the surface with the same damp cloth and ensure that you buff and repeat before the visible haze dries.

Regular exposure to the elements combined with swirl marks, which are fine, circular scratches in your paint as well as light scratches, you could find yourself with paintwork in dire need of rescue. Detail Ease now offers you a remedy in the form of an easy-to-apply nano-ceramic detailer. All surfaces including glass, plastic, protective film and of course, your paintwork will be protected for up to 90 days before requiring a fresh coat.

We encourage you to try it for yourself. If you do not agree that it is the best ceramic detailer you have ever used, Detail Ease will refund you for the full purchase price.

Visit us at www.detailease.co.za

All orders are shipped to your door within 2-4 days anywhere in South Africa.

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providing self-satisfaction and protection for your pride and joy at the same time.

The final piece of the car colour puzzle is the application of the clear coat

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