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As the number of COVID-19 cases surges across the country
Bassonia Webmaster         Source: Motorpress / Legratron Tracking
Hand sanitising

Legratron Electronics would like to take this opportunity to assure clients that all necessary precautions have been taken to ensure that the safety of both their clients and their employees is prioritised.

Face mask

The managing director of Legratron Electronics, Itumeleng Matshego, says they have developed a safety policy based on the recommendations of both the government and the World Health Organisation. "Our technicians have been equipped with all safety gear necessary including face masks, face shields and sanitiser. They have been instructed on how to sanitise a vehicle, both before and after working with the vehicles.

"The technicians will also be following other recommended protocols such as keeping a 1.5 m distance between themselves and clients, washing or sanitising their hands regularly and completing screenings every day. We take the health and safety of every person very seriously and have ensured we do everything necessary to keep every individual healthy and safe."

Office bound staff are also following similar protocols. "While clients visiting the offices is not a common occurrence, the protocols are still strictly followed to protect clients who do visit. These steps also provide protection to the employees as well and prevents the spread of infection should someone be exposed.

"In addition to these safety protocols, face-to-face meetings have been discouraged and are only allowed in circumstances that meet certain criteria. We are instead embracing the benefits of virtual meetings and communication and all the benefits that this new way of communicating has to offer.”

While we do not know what to expect from the coming months, we do know that it will be some time yet before things go back to the way they were. “In many ways, some things may never go back to how they were and certain individuals may find themselves operating in completely different circumstances for the foreseeable future.
Sanitising car

Lockdown COVID-19

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