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AITA: Road Edition | AITA for Wanting to Sleep During a Two-Day Road Trip While My Partner Drives?
Bassonia Webmaster         Source: Suzuki Auto
Road trip season has come and gone and in Suzuki’s newest series.

In this new series, Suzuki takes questions from readers and lets the audience decide - is this real-life person an, erm, donkey, or not, in a road-related conflict. And you get to share your thoughts!

Road trip season has come and gone and in Suzuki’s newest series, based on the reddit thread of the same name, we take in anonymous reader’s questions on road rules and car etiquette. This is a place to vent and a place to judge! We want to hear all about your non-violent - legal - car or road - related conflict. Give us both sides of the story, and our audience will judge: were you right, or were you, well, the mampara? Read the real-life story here and vote on our social media platforms. We’ll update this blog with the overwhelming consensus so you know for sure if you were in the right, or the wrong.

I have a very demanding job in a consulting firm and often work 60 - hour weeks, so by the time our annual leave comes up, I’m completely exhausted and this is more often than not my only proper holiday for the year. I’m so fatigued my body hurts and my partner really understands this and does a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to our trip. He buys all the food, plans the route, and generally makes it so easy that all I have to do is show up for the journey.

I just want to clarify that my partner has a much less demanding job than me!

Because of this, for the past three years, apart from planning our trip, he’s also driven us all the way to our final destination while I sleep on the back seat and arrive at the holiday refreshed.

We were quite happy with this arrangement but when I told a colleague about our holiday plans she was horrified and said that I am being a terrible road trip co-pilot. She said it’s extremely rude to leave one person to do all the driving without any help, guidance, or even company on the road.

So Suzuki I want to understand - AITA here? I really didn’t think it was that bad! But if it is so terrible, I’ll try really hard to be a better co-pilot.
Suzuki Road Trip

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