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A Month of Fun with the Suzuki Swift Sport
Bassonia Webmaster         Source: Lorenzioproductions
Life with a Suzuki Swift Sport

Having driven all three generations of the Swift and its performance variant aptly named the “Sport” , in its latest incarnation, they have really gone bonkers, or rather improved what was a good product to a better and more appealing proposition.

Despite the Swift's basic interior, Suzuki has packed in some grown-up mod cons

Off the bat my Championship Yellow paint job won everyone’s hearts over before I even said a word, some even suggested it had hints of lime since it was so bright, I even started thinking it glows in the dark. The front end oozes charm and masculinity thanks to the gaping grilled and massive fog light housings in black, the headlights with daytime running light system are well infused in to the front bumper and bonnet. On the sides,16” alloys in polished black and high shine silver arms along with colour coded mirrors , door handles and floating roof take the spoils. At the rear twin polished oval tail pipes announce what “Mthubi” (colour of egg yolk/aka YellowBone) is about, pity they just huff like a puff adder than snap crackle and pop, am sure a minor software adjustment would have that issue sorted.

Push a smallanyana button on the driver’s door handle and you are allowed access in the Sport, piano black with hues of red is the order of proceedings, tastefully done if I may add, the highlight in here are those massive sports seats with the lettering “ Sport” well embroided in the middle of the shoulder line. The multi-function steering wheel and multi-view cluster are well detailed with white dials and can be adjusted to how bright or dim you would like them. The centre console is laid out in a simple yet brilliantly useful manner; still do not quite feel at ease with that touch screen radio. Space is abundant for all passengers, this includes head and leg room. Boot space is just enough for my necessities to fit, when we had to load a number of family goodies on a short trip we were not left wanting. I have to say the Swift sport is well specified in terms of standard fit , it’s sold with no options, so what’s in is what you get, LED Headlights, Park distance control with rear view camera, power folding mirrors, climate control, to mention but a few .

The magic comes from a 1.4T 4 cylinder hauled by a 6 speed close shifting gearbox transferring power to the front wheels, speaking of power, 103kw and 230nm pull what weights less than a ton, thus making this an exciting car to drive, each shift brings forth a childish grin, especially when the cluster displays the boost gauge , or if you would like the power & torque displays. A gear shift indicator comes in handy to keep you in the loop. The in gear acceleration of the Swift sport blew me away, how the torque is spread in this car in just about all the gear above 4th is utterly amazing. The twisty bits are dealt with zest and vigor, a balanced suspension setting is sublime, not hard not too marshmallow like either, it offers comfort while being as stable as necessary for cornering, it’s just brilliant. It’s a truly a great driver’s car despite its size as most underestimated what it can do. What impressed me more was the fuel consumption , especially with a smaller tank than normal(30L) cars, this afforded me just over 450km on a tank even after giving the Sport a bashing.

Priced at R315 900, it makes all the sense to consider or even buy one if you are after a car that will give countless miles with smiles, I know that’s how I felt when I had to drive it over the December Festive period, very rewarding and it turns heads.
Apple CarPlay is something I always look out for on spec sheets, but it's never been something I've religiously used – until now.

The Swift Sport promotes the sort of driving that would see the Type R in a hedge

Suzuki Swift

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